FIS Continental CUP


We cordially invite all member associations of the FIS to participate in

FIS Continental Cup, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined 16.-18.12.2022 Ruka Kuusamo, Finland

The competitions will be held in compliance with FIS Competition Rules (ICR).

Friday 16.12.2022
• 11:00 Team Captains´meeting NC & SJ
• 12:00-14:00 Official training, Nordic Combined, CC
• 15.00 Trial Round, Nordic Combined, SJ HS 142
• 16.00 Provisional Competition Round, Nordic Combined, SJ HS 142
• 17.00 Competition round, Nordic Combined, SJ HS 142
• 19.15 Individual Gundersen Nordic Combined, CC 10km (4×2,5 km)
Prize giving ceremony Nordic Combined (place 1-6)
• 19:00 Training (2 rounds), Ski Jumping HS 142

Saturday 17.12.2022
• 9.00 Trial Round Nordic Combined, SJ HS 142
• 10.00 Competition round, Nordic Combined, SJ HS 142
• 12.30 Trial Round, Ski Jumping HS 142
• 13.30 Competition, Ski Jumping HS 142
Prize giving ceremony Ski Jumping (place 1-6)
• 15.00 Individual Gundersen Nordic Combined, CC 10km (4×2,5 km)
Prize giving ceremony Nordic Combined (place 1-6)

Sunday 18.12.2022
• 9.00 Trial Round Nordic Combined, SJ HS 142
• 10.00 Competition round, Nordic Combined, SJ HS 142
• 11.30 Trial Round, Ski Jumping HS 142
• 12.30 Competition, Ski Jumping HS 142
Prize giving ceremony Ski Jumping (place 1-6)
• 15.00 Individual Gundersen Nordic Combined CC 10km (4×2,5 km)
Prize giving ceremony Nordic Combined (place 1-6)

1. Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Entries

The FIS Online Registration System must be used to register the participating teams.

– Preliminary Entries deadline: 05.11.2022

– Entries deadline: 09.12.2022

Please, notice that accommodation reservations should be booked until 18th November 2022.

2. Restrictions

FIS rules will apply. The number of participants must comply with Continental Cup rules and regulations.

3. Liability

Each competitor must be insured by his/her own association. The OC have coverage for their own third part liability only.

4. COVID-19 info

Arriving to Finland: At the moment, Finland does not impose any restrictions on entry to the country because of the COVID-19 epidemic. All restrictions on entry have been lifted.

– Pre-pandemic practices have been reinstated at border checks. Travellers arriving from non-EU and non-Schengen countries must still have normal travel documents, i.e. a passport and, if necessary, a visa.

– In Finland, it is no longer necessary to show your EU Digital COVID Certificate when attending events, visiting food and beverage service businesses or entering the country.

– Please note, that the regulations may change with short notice. Detailed and updated info on practices at is available here:

More information:

During the travel and the event:

– When traveling and at the event area and accommodation the event organzer recommend to keep the social distances and use a mask/respirator indoor

– Wash your hands before cooking and meals, when you come in from outdoors, after using the toilet, after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose, after touching the same surfaces as someone with a cold.

5. Accommodation

Accommodation is arranged in RukaVillage and RukaSuites apartments/studios, which are situated in Ruka center area and 700 m from the ski stadium

or RukaTonttu Hotel, RukaTonttu & AurinkoRinne apartments / hotel rooms about 300 m from the ski stadium and 600 m from Ruka center.


Price per person per day incl. full board

– RukaSuites, RukaTonttu & AurinkoRinne apartments 113 €/person/night in 2-3 persons’ apartment

– RukaSuites, RukaTonttu & AurinkoRinne apartments 101 €/person/night in 4 persons’ apartment

– RukaVillage or Hotel RukaTonttu 113 €/person/night in a double room and single 148 €/night

We retain the right for changes.

Accommodation reservations and further information:

– Rukakeskus Oy, Mari Kämäräinen, e-mail:, tel. +358 10 3825 039.

Reservations should be made until 18th November.

Rukakeskus will offer suitable accommodation for your team according to your team size.

6. Transportation

The Transportation office is situated nearby ski jumping hill in Ski stadium building.

The transportation office will arrange transportation between the official airports (Oulu and Rovaniemi) and the hotels in Ruka.

Reminder to the teams: OC strongly recommend to book a flight to Oulu or Rovaniemi Airports. The aeroplane to Kuusamo is usually so small that transporting skis is challenging. If necessary, the transportation office will arrange transportations also from Kuusamo Airport to Ruka (passenger transport only).

No shuttle service between hotels and venues (walking distance).

Requests for transportation (exact arrival times, flight numbers and number of arriving people) must be sent via the FIS Online Entry System or directly to the Chief of Transportation at latest 5. December 2022

Transportation office, opening times

– 15.12.2022: 9.00 – 20.00

– 16.12.2022: 9.00 – 20.00

– 17.12.2022: 9.00 – 20.00

– 18.12.2022: 9.00 – 20.00

Prices for transports:

– Oulu-Ruka or Ruka-Oulu (1-4 persons: 300€, 5-8p: 500€, 9-16p: 780€, 17-50p: 950€)

– Rovaniemi-Ruka or Ruka-Rovaniemi (1-4 persons: 280€, 5-8p: 460€, 9-16p: 720€, 17-50p: 890€)

– Kuusamo-Ruka or Ruka-Kuusamo (1-4 persons: 70€, 5-8p: 120€, 9-16p: 270€, 17-50p: 340€)

Teams departing from Oulu or Rovaniemi airport must prepare to leave from Ruka approximately 4 hours before flight time.

The minimum charge for waiting longer than 30 minutes is 50€/hour, which is paid by the customer.

Used vehicles:

1-4p: Car, 5-8p: Minivan, 9-16p: Minibus, 17-50p: Bus

7. The Race office

The Race office is situated nearby ski jumping hill in Ski stadium building.

Bibs for competitions will be distributed one hour before the competition in the Race office located in Ski stadium building.

The Race office, opening times

– 15.12.2022: 14.00 – 20.00

– 16.12.2022: 9.00 – 20.00

– 17.12.2022: 8.00 – 16.00

– 18.12.2022: 8.00 – 16.00

8. Venues

Ruka ski stadium, Ski jumping hill Ruka HS142.

9. Waxing facilities

Waxing cabins are at Ski Jumping service building at Ruka stadium. Available from 15.12.2022 at 14.00. The keys to the waxing cabins are available at the Race office. Keys return to the Race office on the day of departure. Fee for lost key 100€ and cleaning fee 150€.

For additional questions, please contact Jukka Tahkola, +358 40 841 9915

10. Prize money

According the FIS COC rules.

– Income tax for European and non-European citizens is 15%.

– Income tax for US citizens is 0%.

– If requested, the OC will provide the athletes with a receipt of taxes paid accompanying the prize money.

Prize money payment (Word Cup Rules Art. 8) OC will use a protected FIS database for prize money payment information. Please make sure that all your athletes’ information is uploaded to the system before the race weekend (including Tax codes).

Finnish law does not allow any prize money transfer without indicating the TINs (Tax identification number). You can find an instruction where to find your personal TIN here:

11. Prize giving ceremonies

Prize giving ceremonies will take place nearby ski jumping hill (SJ) and cross-country finish area (NC) straight after competition.

12. Regulations of Visa

Remember that citizens of some countries will need visa for visiting Finland. Please check with your embassy if you need a visa for Finland.

For an official letter of invitation, please send a request to

13. Organization information


FIS Continental Cup / Kuusamon Erä-Veikot

Vanttajantie 6 B, FI-93600 KUUSAMO, FINLAND


14. Local Organizing committee:

General Secretary Marika Paananen +358 44 525 2444

Race Office Jarkko Ruhanen +358 40 015 2712

Head of sport Jukka Tahkola +358 40 841 9915

Chief of competition NC Jyri Pelkonen +358 40 844 5882

Accommodation Mari Kämäräinen +358 10 3825 039

Transportation Pauli Mäkelä +358 40 168 2662

15. Technical Delegates and Jumping Judges

FIS, TD, TDA/ Ski Jumping

COC Coordinator/Equipment Control Berni Schödler, FIS

TD Georg Spath GER

TD ass. Geir S. Loeng NOR

FIS, TD, TDA/ Nordic Combined

COC Coordinator/Equipment Control Michael Neumayer, FIS

TD Jonas Wuerth GER

TD ass. Luca Gianmoena ITA


SWE Busk Per

USA Levasseur Mark

FIN Ounila Tiiu

FIN Tervahartiala Pekka

FIN Nordman Petra

All information you will find at Kuusamon Erä-Veikot ry website. later in November.


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